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AP Group is full-fledged leading management and multi-service provider company with long-standing expertise in a wide range of services and solutions, from facility management to software consulting and development. Headquartered in Bhubaneswar, AP Group has a PAN India presence. The branch offices are in New Delhi, Calcutta, Hyderabad & Bangalore.
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Being our partner is something you can blindly put faith in. We believe in long-term relations than mere one-time businesses. And a relationship built on trust, satisfaction and progress is always something we look forward to! We love getting associated with the ones who look forward to growing and getting the best.
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What can you expect from us?
You can expect the best of the services in the wide range of domains where our professionals are polishing themselves day in and out. We have been delivering the services in multiple domains to hundred of clients since 12 years now, and you can expect that potential experience to be put into the service we provide you.
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Our team awaits to help and assist you with the on-time solutions for your immediate queries. 24X7 assistance is what you can expect precisely from us, and we will never let you down. Our clients hit the top of our priority lists. Also, we are here if you want to get associated with us or seek any service. Let’s talk!
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Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. Take the challenge!

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We believe in serving our clients with the whole of our hearts and dedication. We, in return, just expect a relationship that lasts lifelong and is built on faith and respect. Selflessness is a culture in-built in our organisation, among ourselves and our beloved clients too.
Passion & Curiosity
Passionate hearts thrive harder toward the goals. We are passionate about our goal to satisfy our clients with the best services and solutions. Our curiosity to learn new things ensures our better growth with numerous satisfied faces of our clients!
We love putting the human touch into everything that we do. The impact is harder when we use our minds and heart equally. We are professional, but we never leave a chance to empathize and show our heart-filled gratitude to every single human attached to us.
We believe a transparent relationship is way more beautiful than an opaque one. So, we share a bond of trust, respect, transparency and loyalty with our clients. We take pride in keeping deals transparent in-between and enjoying a long-term trustworthy association.
Innovation is the mother of tremendous changes and results. We believe in bringing that change to society; hence, we strive harder and promote innovation as a culture and value at our organisation. Our brains are our workplaces, where we try messing and innovating, each at a time.
We strongly believe in the magic and spark of technology. This world is growing and demands every single thing with a blend of technology to make it more convenient, and we strive to provide that convenience to our clients. We are technology-driven.
Ethics, trust and honesty are the three pillars that we lay on to stand upright in the race to win the love and faith of our clients. We believe in standing firm, altogether upright, then divided and falling. Individually we can fall weak, but together we stand firm!
We take charge! Yes, we never step back when it comes either to taking the blame or taking the pride. We are accountable for every step we take toward you or ourselves. We are responsible for the journey we are walking toward and the destination we are about to reach!